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At-home activities for children between
3 - 8 years


Find activities, games and worksheets to learn letter identification, writing, rhyming words and reading using the English Alphabet


Find activities, games and worksheets to learn numbers, shapes, colours, patterns, position words, weight and more

Looking for worksheets and activities to help your child learn at home? Register for The CLAP Project- a free program on WhatsApp today!


Access worksheets, activities, games, learning videos and more for children in Kindergarten, Grade 1 and 2

Designed by experts working in Early Childhood Education, this program is guaranteed to give your child foundational learning skills in a structured and fun way

*You will be redirected to WhatsApp to complete the registration

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Children Learning, Assisted by Parents

The Children Learning, Assisted by Parents (CLAP) project is a WhatsApp-based program for parents with children between the ages of 3 and 8 years. Through this program, children can continue learning at home with the assistance of their parents. This is a free program in which parents can access over 100 activities in the language of their choice (English, Kannada or Hindi). This program will reduce learning loss and help children practice the foundational skills that they will need to easily transition back to school

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WhatsApp-driven program with low internet requirement

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Activity-based learning for children between ages 3-8


Designed by experts

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At-home learning, assisted by parents

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Ensures post-pandemic transition to school


Free of cost

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How does CLAP work?

  1. Register for CLAP by entering your details

  2. Access activities on your registered WhatsApp number regularly

  3. Conduct activities for your child using easily available materials at home

  4. Answer a simple test question upon observing your child engage with the activity

  5. Receive a progress report and a certificate for your child at the end of the program

*You will be redirected to WhatsApp to complete registration

Other ways to register

Save the below number

Send 'Hi' to the number on WhatsApp


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