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Teaching and Learning Materials

We ensure that children learn through play by providing age appropriate, safe and affordable teaching and learning materials that cater to language, cognitive, creative, physical , social and emotional development of each child.

Key education foundation, workbooks, curriculum

We provide student workbooks that have fun and engaging activities to build school readiness skills in the pre-primary years


Teacher Capacity Building

Teacher training, key education foundation

We provide comprehensive teacher training and one on one coaching support to ensure that early educators have the practical skills, mindset and knowledge to excel in the classroom.

Teacher training, key educaion foundtion

A host of classroom videos are made available to teachers to use as they plan for activities in the classroom. 

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Teacher training, lesson plans, key education foudation

Teachers are given lesson plans with age-appropriate activities to conduct in class everyday


Parent Engagement

Parent workshop, key eduction foundation

We conduct parent workshops to build awareness among parents to help support their child's development in the early years

Parent worksheet, key eduction foundation

Children get weekly take-home worksheets that guide and encourage positive parent-child interaction at home


Sign-up for School Readiness Program

The School Readiness Program aims to create conducive learning environments at school and at home by creating empowered parents, equipped teachers and enriched classrooms to ensure holistic development of each child.

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