We ensure the best start in life for every child through a quality Early Childhood Education Program.









Making every child School ready

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Cognitive Development

We equip children with foundational skills in early numeracy to help them think logically and problem solve

Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education [ECE] is one of the largest unregulated spaces in Indian Education. Despite research and efforts to improve quality, the gap between different economic sections of society is widening each year in terms of the parent’s ability to provide quality ECE for their children.

High returns on investment in early childhood development

High returns on investment in early childhood development

Builds strong foundation for better life outcomes

Builds strong foundation for better life outcomes

90% of a child's brain development happens before the age of 6

90% of a child's brain develops before the age of 6

Reduce dropout rates

Reduced dropout rates

Our Expertise

Holistic Child Development

The School Readiness Program aims to create conducive learning environments at school and at home by creating empowered parents, equipped teachers and enriched classrooms to ensure holistic development of each child. 

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Enriched Classrooms

We provide schools with comprehensive early childhood kit comprising fun, safe durable learning materials and age appropriate student workbooks.

Equipped Teachers

We have a year long teacher training and program  support model to ensure developmentally appropriate practices in classroom.

Empowered Parents

We work with parents to build awareness on helping children better in their home environment through targeted workshops and home activity sheets.


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