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Children Learning, Assisted by Parents

The Children Learning, Assisted by Parents (CLAP) project is an AI-enabled, WhatsApp based program for parents with children between the ages of 3-8. It brings together the most effective early learning activities that can be easily done at home by parents in less than 30 minutes a day. CLAP will help children practice the foundational skills that they will need to easily transition back to school. This is a free program in which parents can access over 100 activities in the language of their choice

(English, Kannada or Hindi)

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WhatsApp-driven program with low internet requirement

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Activity-based learning for children between ages 3-8


Designed by experts

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At-home learning, assisted by parents

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Ensures post-pandemic transition to school


Free of cost

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Since early 2020, children from low income communities, between the ages of 3-6 have had no access to pre-primary education due to lockdown and school/Anganwadi closures and have missed out on foundational skills. While the permanence of return to school is uncertain, CLAP ensures consistency in learning environments for young children by empowering parents to take active ownership of their child's education at home


At KEF, we have learnt that parents, irrespective of their financial and academic background, want to and can take part in the learning of their child if they are empowered and supported with a program that keeps in mind the existing barriers of language, cost, time and mindset


The CLAP Project is an at-scale extension of this learning with a hope that many more parents from low-income communities get access, support and motivation to engage in the learning of their child to make their return to school a safe and joyful experience

How does CLAP work?


Parents register for CLAP by entering a few details


They access 

activities on their registered WhatsApp number regularly


They conduct the activity for their child using easily available materials at home


They answer a simple test question upon observing their child engage with the activity


At the end of the program, they receive a progress report and a certificate for their child

Partner with us

CLAP will help parents support their child in continuing learning at home. It will help children be ready to transition back to school by building foundational skills

If you are an NGO working in the field of Education, a school working in under-resourced communities or a CSR family serving low-income communities, connect with us and extend CLAP to many more parents

Let us ensure that every child has access to quality Early Childhood Education at home during the pandemic.

Thank you for your submission, we we will be in touch with you soon!


In the meantime, you can explore The CLAP Project by saving the number '8800603477' and sending ‘Hi’ on WhatsApp

"Families of the youngest children have demonstrated their willingness and ability to support their children’s education, even once schools begin to open. It would be a terrible shame if this huge opportunity to bring parents on board as important actors in their children’s education is wasted"

-Annual Status of Education Report(ASER) 2021

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